How to approach retail channel to meet MENA dairy customers’ demand? Saudi Arabia’s leading dairy company Nada Dairy wil
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The Middle East & Africa Dairy Market is expected to reach USD 21.7 billion by 2023, witnessing a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. The Middle East & Africa dairy sale has surpassed 7,171 million Kg in 2017, with milk accounting for the largest category.


Recently, the normal retail channel of dairy company in MENA is vans, trucks, and trailers. With the increasing demand for plain milk on a daily basis has given rise to long shelf life milk products. Fresh milk, owing to shorter shelf life cannot store for a longer period. Increased import dependency and insufficient domestic production to meet the essential drinking milk requirement fueled the UHT milk demand.


>>How   to maintain brand competitiveness in such a competitive market?

>>How   to meet MENA consumer convenience and demand by different retail channel?

>>Wanna   to learn from them but don’t have the suitable international platform?


Don’t worry! This time, Namal Dissanayake, County Manager of Nada Dairy will deliver a speech in 3rd Global Dairy Innovation Congress MENA 2019 (Jan. 28-29 | Dubai, UAE). Join us to learn experience from them! And we will provide more reliable sharing at the scene.

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NADA   Dairy

Established   in 1982 by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Othman in the Eastern Province of   Saudi Arabia, Al Othman Agriculture Production and Processing Company(NADA),   is one of the leading producers, manufacturers and distributors of fresh   dairy, fresh juice and long life milk and juice products.


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